How to Find the Most Affordable Bail Bonds

Finding Affordable Bail Bonds

The most disturbing news you can get is that a close friend or a relative has been arrested. That is an expense that can trigger an unimaginable crisis for any person. Each bail bondsman you come across will promise to offer affordable bail bonds, but the truth is, they will provide what you have paid for.

When it comes to looking for affordable bail bonds, you will come across many ads proclaiming to be the cheapest bail bond forms providing 1% bonds.

However, it is essential to understand that affordable bail bonds attract poor quality services. Note that you won’t need bad services when you are trying to rescue w friend or relative from prison.


What you need to know to get the most affordable bail bond

  • You don’t require the services of a lawyer when a person is arrested
  • Get a bail bond co-signer with a perfect credit score and employment history
  • If the crime is less severe, the judge will set a cheaper bail

When giving out affordable bail bonds, the bail bondsman will determine the amount on the following criteria:

  • Type of crime committed
  • The flight risk of the defendant
  • The qualification of the co-signer
  • The bail set by the judge


Tips for Finding Affordable Bail Bonds

A bail bond is one of the first things to think about when you or your relative is arrested. Every citizen has a right to bail to guarantee their release from jail until their cases are mentioned in court.

Based on the criminal act, bail is supposed to be scheduled at an affordable amount. Even in this case, it might sound expensive the detainees.

With the help of bail bondsmen and cheap bail bonds, the accused don’t need to suffer while in jail as they wait for the court hearings.

In this article, you will get a guide on how the bail bond works and the tips to help you get cheap bails in any state.


What is a bail bond?

Since bail and bonds are often used interchangeably, it is prevalent to mistake the two.

Get the difference here:


This is a monetary assurance or pledge that the accused will attend all the court hearings on the set trial date once they are released from jail. The judge is responsible for setting the bail amount depending on the harshness of the crime, the previous criminal record of the accuser and the possible flight risk.

In most cases, bail is set at an affordable amount for many common criminal acts. If the criminal act is serious, a bail amount will be high, and this is where cheap bail bonds come in handy. You can pay the set bail in various ways, including cash, credit card, check or even surrendering your assets to the court. If the defendant fails to show up in the court proceedings on their set trial date, the bail payment is taken by the court.

The accuser can post their own bail or the bail amount will be paid by a relative, friend or third party.



Even though the bail is scheduled at affordable amount, mnay defendants don’t have enough cash to pay.

In this case, accusers can seek help from bond firms. The companies specialize in loaning affordable bail bonds to guarantee a release from jail. Bond firms act like insurance firms since the accuser is purchasing a bond or insurance policy to secure their release from jail. The bail bond amount is set at a 10% of the total amount of the bail scheduled by the court judge.

In case the defendant fails to attend the court sessions, the whole amount of the bail fee must be paid to the court. If the bail amount is huge, the company will need a collateral from the accuser.


How to Find Affordable Bail Bonds


A trustworthy, reliable and cheap bail bondsman ought to have a license and adequate insurance policy. Licensed bondsman are lawfully allowed by the courts they work with to ask for affordable rate.

Reputation is key
Do some research on the local bond company in your region by looking at online reviews. Once you get a service producer who fits your requirement, ask your friends about their reputation to get what they know.



Make sure your potential bondsman is close to the prisoner you or the accused is being detained.


Compare the cost

While this might appear like a no-brainer, it is good to ensure you are not overpaying the bail bondsman. The majority of bond companies will charge some fee for their services, over the normal 10% of the bail bond. This is standard, but do your homework in advance to make sure their charges is not astronomical.