What Is The Duty of a Bail Bondsman?

Bail Bondsman Duty

Many defendants can’t afford the full amount of bail bonds. Defendants may plan for their release via the help of a bail bondsman who guarantees the court that the accused will attend the court hearings.

In most cases, you have four primary ways to use when helping your loved one to leave prison after an apprehension. You can pay whole amount of the bond to the court of law, or use your property as security.

You can hire the service of a local bail bondsman, or if you are the lucky one, the magistrate can allow you go scot free pending the succeeding court hearing date on personal recognizance.

Many accused cannot afford to pay for the full sum of their bond. Hence they opt to hire a bail bondsman.

This post explores various conditions where the accused plans to acquire the freedom via the help of a bonding agent. The work of the bail bond agent is to guarantee to pay the whole amount to the court if the perpetrator doesn’t show up for trial. Read through to understand the work of bail bondsman.


What data the bonding bail agent requires

Once the bail is set, and you need to secure a release of a colleague or family member from prison, there is essential info that the bonding agent will need.

First, you need to be aware of the location and name of the prison where the defendant is held. Secondly, you must have the defendant’s initials like full names and admission number.

Make sure you know the total amount required for the bail to assist the bail bondsman to define the total cash you need to secure his or her release.


The Bail Bondsman Procedure

Once you receive a call from a bail bond agent, the critical thing you need to understand the whole procedure. By this time, you have to negotiate the pricing alternatives with a bail bonding agent.

This is to say that a bail agent will deduct a percentage fee from the bail amount. The agent will submit a guarantee amount to the court whereby your defendant will be released immediately.

Provided the defendant’s appearance in court recorded, and does not skip any court proceedings, you will not be required to pay any other cash to the bail bonding agent.

Bear in mind that if the accused fails to attend the court hearings as required, the bail bond will be capitulated or forfeited. This means that the bail bondsman has the power to look for the perpetrator and present the person to court.

Furthermore, the co-signer of the bond will pay the full bail amount. If you utilized collateral such as a house or care to get the bond, they will attract a foreclosure and this will lead to loss of possessions.


Glitches associated with commercial bail bonding

There are intrinsic issues associated with commercial bonding company. For starters, the accused is required to pay a 10% fee of the total bond amount that is non-refundable.

The other thing is that the perpetrator or the co-signer of the bond must give collateral to serve as security for the bond. Lastly, in case of the perpetrator escape, a bail bonding agent will use the services of a bounty hunter who has the authority surpassing those of law enforcers.

The work of the bounty hunter is to locate and arrest the accused in exchange for a portion of the bail surrendered to the court.


How Do Bail Bond Agents Ensure Court Appearances?

To be sure that the defendant will appear in court, the bond agent might need an accused to check in by telephone or individually. Note that the bondsman is not obliged to request bail if the agents claim that the accused does not meet the demands of the bond.