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Dave Kaval and John Fisher visit Las Vegas park sites


The A’s say there’s only one location in Oakland they’ll consider for a new stadium. But according to a new report, the team is considering at least 20 potential sites in the Las Vegas area.

A’s owner John Fisher and team president Dave Kaval visited several potential venues for a new MLB stadium on Monday and Tuesday, some of which they hadn’t seen before on their first visit to A’s. news in southern Nevada in May.

Last month, A officials visited sites near Las Vegas Boulevard, in the suburbs of Henderson and Summerlin, and at Cashman Field near downtown. On this trip, Fisher and Kaval also reportedly looked at the “Resort Corridor” near the Strip, some areas a few blocks from the famous Boulevard and also a UNLV-owned property just north of McCarran International Airport that the Raiders were once considered for their new stadium.

A new stadium in Las Vegas would cost, according to the team’s estimates, around $ 1 billion and have 30,000 to 35,000 fixed seats.

Another A’s visit to the Las Vegas area is scheduled for early July.

“The reality is that all sites have a lot of positive attributes so I really don’t think we’re really in a position to remove any from the list just yet,” Kaval told the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Tuesday. . .

“We will continue to do our due diligence, our research and our understanding of the best locations. But it’s really great that there are so many options and so many great ways to make it work here in Southern Nevada.

Kaval said it was a “Howard Terminal or a bust” in terms of the location for a new baseball stadium in Oakland because the team and Major League Baseball said they weren’t. more viewed the Coliseum site as a viable location for a large team.

On July 20, Oakland City Council is due to discuss A’s plan to build the baseball stadium at Howard Terminal and vote on a non-binding conditions sheet.

“We spend a lot of time here because it’s a really big effort,” Kaval said. “We have this big vote in Oakland on July 20 and we don’t know how it will play out.”

Kaval told the Review-Journal that he was particularly impressed with the growing region of Summerlin, an affluent region that is home to the A’s Triple-A team, the Aviators. The community also has the City National Arena, the Vegas Golden Knights training center, offices, various resorts and residences.

A’s ownership group met with representatives from Howard Hughes Corp., which owns a majority stake in Summerlin and Las Vegas Ballpark.

“The land they have there and the development they have there with the view over the valley is pretty amazing,” Kaval said. “So I think this place was really spectacular and really an iconic location potentially for a baseball stadium. I think it was something that was a big takeaway.

According to the Review-Journal, the As are planning to meet with UNLV officials, local officials and casino owner Phil Ruffin on their next trip the week of July 5. Fisher and Kaval did not meet with government officials on this trip.

“There are still a lot of people to meet who have a great understanding of what it would take to have a strong team,” said Kaval.


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