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Homeless man suspected of sexually assaulting girl in Las Vegas park | New

A homeless man has been arrested for kidnapping, sexual assault and obscenity for allegedly assaulting a girl in a Las Vegas park.

According to Marc Wheeler’s arrest report, the victim and his mother were in town to visit their family when they decided to have a picnic at Lubertha Johnson Park, near Martin Luther King Boulevard and Lake Mead Boulevard on the 20 August. The victim was playing with two boys she met at the park while her mother tried to take a nap in her car, which was in front of where the children were playing.

At one point the girl needed to use the restroom, so she went to the women’s restroom but heard a male voice coming from the cubicle. The girl said she looked under the stall and saw “dirty gray boots” so she left and went to the men’s restroom. After using the toilet, she saw a man, identified as Wheeler, sitting on the sink, who told her to stop or she would get a “whoopin”. The girl said she tried to leave but he stopped her, pulled down his pants and touched her private parts.

The girl pushed Wheeler and ran to her mother.

His mother got out of her car to confront Wheeler and he asked her “what the little girl accused him of doing to her”. The mother then asked a couple on a nearby bench to use their phones because hers had died. The man sitting on the bench got up and hit Wheeler in the face, causing him to fall. He got up and fled the area.

The mother got into her car to try to find him, but she couldn’t.

Detectives eventually found Wheeler and during an interview with police he admitted he was in the park and used the restroom, but continued to change his story by discussing what happened by the following.

Wheeler was arrested on August 23. He is currently being held at the Clark County Detention Center.

He is due in court on September 6.

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