What You Need to Know About Immigration Bail Bonds

All About Immigration Bail Bonds

If you want to post an immigration bond to help your relative or colleague get out of jail, this article provides you with the information you need.

Sometimes, you might get a call that your relative or friends has been incarcerated due to immigration offenses.

The first thing to do is get an immigration bail to release the individual from prison as he or she waits for court hearings. The defendant must meet some qualifications to get the immigration bond.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a government body that has the authority to arrest foreigners in the US.

The organization has the power to release an individual based on personal recognizance, in which they won’t be required to pay the bail.

However, when an immigration judge or the ICE sets the bail amount, you need to reconnoiter different options.


Types of immigration bonds

Immigration bonds are available in two types that detainees in ICE custody can use to get freedom, provided the defendant is not a threat to the safety of other people.

Delivery bond

 A foreigner who has been arrested by ICE might qualify for a delivery bond depending on the decision by the judge or ICE. The defendant must get an arrest warrant and a notice of detention terms from the ICE to be released on delivery bond.

The work of the delivery bail bond is to make sure that the defendant attends all the immigration hearings. This is very helpful to the defendant as he or she will have time to take care of the family and also talk to immigration attorney as he waits for the court hearing.

Voluntary departure bond

In a special case, the defendant can be offered an option to voluntarily go back to his county at their expense within a specified duration.

Once the departure bond is paid in complete, the ICE will refund the cash once the accused leaves the county, but it will be surrendered if the individual doesn’t get out of the country.


How much do immigration bonds cost?

The immigration judges or the ICE will set the bail amount that will increase or decrease depending on numerous factors. They include the immigration status of the person, criminal record, employment status and family ties in the US.

In most cases, the standard amount for a delivery bond is $1500, and this can go up to $10,000 or even more based on the evaluation of the defendant’s risk factors. The standard amount for departure bonds is usually $500.

However, note that the government might take up to 12 months to refund the bond cash to the individual who posted it.


How to get immigration bond

There are two significant ways to post an immigration bond

Surety bond: the defendant’s relatives or friends can talk an immigration bondsman to acquire a surety bond. In most cases, the bond agent will deduct 15-20% of the full bail amount.

Cash bond: the defendant’s family or friends can opt to pay the full amount to ICE, and the cash will be given back once the defendant has appeared in all court hearings.