Las vegas mall

Police find suspect in Las Vegas shopping mall shooting using video

Hasean quinn

Video surveillance led police to suspect who allegedly shot the roof of a Las Vegas Strip shopping mall on Remembrance Day to cause “mass hysteria,” according to a Metropolitan Police arrest report .

Hasean Quinn was involved in a confrontation with two men at the Fashion Show mall before pulling out a gun, pointing it up, pulling the trigger and then putting it back on his belt, police said .

Officers followed him on the run using video footage and a taxi ride, police said.

Quinn, of Detroit, was arrested at a business he tried to hide in when he spotted authorities near Warm Spring Road and Rainbow Boulevard, police said.

Quinn, 24, was first jailed on 13 counts of assault with a lethal weapon and one count each for discharging a gun and being armed with a concealed weapon without a license. However, most of the charges have since been dropped, according to the records.

He remained in the Clark County Detention Center on $ 25,000 bail on each count of discharging a firearm and carrying a concealed firearm without a license, jail records show .

Attorney Lisa Rasmussen, who represents Quinn, told The Associated Press that her client would plead not guilty and that she wanted to resolve the case before trial.

The argument that led to the shooting was unclear, but Quinn was called by one of two women who were sitting in massage chairs after being approached by two other men, police said.

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